aelf’s Testnet has a New Name!

aelf’s Testnet has a New Name!

By Mappo | aelf Blockchain | 25 May 2020


The IRIS Testnet


Voting for the Testnet Name Submission Contest has concluded and the winning name has won in a convincing landslide. After receiving hundreds of submissions, 10 of the top names were selected to be voted upon by the community. With almost 500 votes there was some heated competition with the winning name only taking the lead in the final 24hrs of the competition.

Winning Name: IRIS

Submission Description: As a leader in the blockchain industry, aelf can be regarded as a medium used to break the boundaries of various fields and explore the mysterious blockchain world.

Here are the final results:

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Note: A random number generator was used to select the lucky voter, the 72nd voter will receive 188 ELF tokens.

Thank you very much for your participation in this event. Based on the results, ‘lris’ is the official name of aelf’s testnet. We look forward to creating more opportunities for our community to participate aelf’s ecosystem development.

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