aelf Officially Partners up with DVP

aelf Officially Partners up with DVP

By aelf_blockchain | aelf Blockchain | 30 Jul 2020

Aelf has officially entered into partnership with DVP (Decentralized Vulnerability Platform) to safeguard the blockchain industry.

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The hacker bounty phase 2 was officially launched on July 16 with a bounty of up to 1,000,000 ELF. Now halfway through the competition, the bounty is still unclaimed.

The hacker bounty program is co-hosted by aelf and CertiK, a blockchain security company. The co-organizers are DVP, a decentralized vulnerability platform, and SlowMist Technology, a blockchain security company. PeckShield, another blockchain security company, is the vulnerability assessment partner. The event is covered by dozens of leading media outlets around the world.

Currently, security is the lifeblood of blockchain companies, whether it is Smart Contract Code Auditing, Node Hardening, or Penetration Testing. In particular, given the “tamper-proof” feature of smart contracts, the bugs that are inevitable in the codes are easily exploited by hackers. Since the blockchain network is decentralized, a single security vulnerability on a blockchain node may cause thousands of nodes to be attacked.

In recent years, there have been quite a few security incidents in the news, causing huge asset losses and extremely negative impact. These incidents concern all aspects of the blockchain industry, including exchanges, mining pools, wallets, smart contracts, etc. Among them, exchanges, investment wallets and other platforms which are close to users have become a focal point with frequent security incidents. It is obvious that the vulnerabilities are undermining the safety of hundreds of millions of digital assets, posing a daunting threat and challenge to the entire blockchain security ecosystem.

The decentralized vulnerability platform (DVP) was developed to solve this issue. Connecting blockchain companies, security companies and white hat hackers from all over the world, the platform aims to use blockchain technology to create anonymized security community scenarios and the consensus that decentralization and vulnerability are mining. Decentralization means that white hats and security engineers around the world can get involved in finding vulnerabilities, and this service is accessible to every blockchain company on the planet. Vulnerability mining represents an automated reward payment system for blockchain companies and white hats. Companies are required to specify the assets converge to be audited and the reward criteria, and stake the deposits into the contract. White hats can submit information about blockchain-related vulnerabilities and threats, and check the vulnerability review and claim progress at any time. They will be rewarded accordingly once their information are adopted.

aelf has officially entered into partnership with DVP. As the co-organizer of the aelf hacker bounty phase 2, DVP will continue to ensure aelf’s security and help it build a better blockchain ecosystem. This hacker bounty has also drawn the attention of many hackers, white hats, and security enthusiasts.

aelf invited hackers and white hats worldwide to participate in the bounty program is to verify the security of the Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) and lock-in contracts, thus ensuring the security of users’ information and assets, and enhancing vulnerability early warning and emergency response mechanisms. At the same time, the program helps users fully understand the mechanism of cross-chain transfer and helps us receive feedback from the community, so that we can continue to optimize the underlying technology, and build a more secure blockchain network ecosystem.

On July 27, aelf has generated the Merkle Tree according to the Merkle Proof process. Now users can obtain the required data on Merkle Proof and enable the swapping function after recording the Merkle tree root data (the root hash value of the Merkle tree) on the aelf network, the swapping feature can be start. At present, there is nearly a week before the end of hacker bounty program. Do not miss it, hackers!

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