aelf Block Explorer - A Brief Overview

aelf Block Explorer - A Brief Overview

By Mappo | aelf Blockchain | 14 Apr 2020

1.1 Overview

The aelf Block Explorer is used to monitor the main chain and side chain, allowing users to search for specific information, and participate in the aelf ecosystem.

1. Search: basic data such as the number of transactions per minute, block height, total transaction volume, the total number of token holders, node applications, side chains;

2. Query: specific information regarding block height, transaction ID, and wallet addresses;

3. Network Participation: Grow the aelf ecosystem through actions such as joining node elections, resource purchasing and viewing contracts.

1.2 Block Explorer Addresses

Main chain:

Side chain 1:

1.3 Block Explorer Interface

1.3.1 View the Whole Network Status


1.3.2 View Contracts and History




1.3.3 View Block Information and Detailed Transactions

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1.3.4 Check Addresses


1.3.5 Join Node Election and Vote


1.3.6 Purchase Resource

Users can purchase RAM, CPU, NET, and STO resources for on-chain governance through aelf’s Block Explorer.


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