WAXTycoon: Be careful of CPU usage

By Phanty123 | Adventures | 15 May 2021

 WAXTycoon is a simple incremental game and is currently listed at #10 at Top WAX Dapps with ~1.79k users.


The basic idea of the game is that after incrementally increasing your income of in-game currency and getting in the top 20, you can request a prestige (reset to 0) and earn gems based on the score you had. GEMs can be exchanged for WAX or used to purchase in-game speed-ups to make your next run faster.

Basic game look

As a new player at first I was not aware of the CPU usage of WAX network transactions and even if I had ~100 WAX staked, I was left very soon out of CPU. 

WAX resources can be checked either in the https://wallet.wax.io/ or https://wax.bloks.io/

I tested the CPU usage before and after leaving WAXTycoon to run and auto-upgrade buildings for 10 minutes.

Before test: Before test After test: After test

In 10 minutes, 70 upgrades (transactions) have been made on the WAX network. 


This helped me watch my CPU usage and stop when a certain threshold is met, so I have CPU left for other games that use the WAX Blockchain. 

I hope it helps you too.








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