How i managed to install 64 bit Opensuse in a 32 bit UEI having intel Baytrail mini laptop .

By Randa | adventures of suse | 26 Aug 2020

 Install 64 bit Opensuse in 32 bit UEFI device

Opensuse is a wonderful OS for expert and mid tier linux users . But currently it doesn't support 32 bit Uefi booting out of the box . Unlike Ubuntu and debian based distros , we can't just copy a bootia32.efi file and make it bootable on 32 bit uefi. Because we must boot opensuse as a disk image (ISO 9660) otherwise it will fail to to recognize available discs and panic. This makes openSUSE installation media read only thereby making it impossible to add a bootia32.efi which is necessity for booting in 32 bit Uefi environment . This is when already installed Ubuntu helped me . Make sure that you are using DD or Etcher or Suse studio image writer to create the installation media . don't use Rufus !!

install 64 bit Opensuse in a 32 bit UEFI device .

1 . After entering into ubuntu's grub command line i was able to use the command configfile to load grub.cfg from openSUSE installation media .From there Opensuse booted Successfully .

2 . Installed opensuse without selecting a boot partition and i used the existing Ubuntu's grub .

3 . Deleted everything of Ubuntu except '/boot' space and chill .

4 .Lately installed package grub2-i386-efi and configured 32 bit grub for my system , so that openSUSE can now boot through it's own grub .


For any kind of help in the above steps you can contact with openSUSE telegram/Discord community .


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adventures of suse
adventures of suse

lil suse with his big dream of using linux in Baytrail Atoms .

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