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Acquiring crypto through earning - Adventure Bitcoin

By adventurebtc | Adventure Bitcoin | 6 Jun 2020

Ever have the curiosity to experiment and try out crypto? Well, there are a multitude of options to actually earn crypto and they range from fast to slow ways to obtain crypto in general.

Yes, you could always buy cryptocurrencies on an exchange and then transfer out, but that isn’t the point for this post. Today, we’re going to discuss some ideas on earning crypto.

Free crypto?

There is no such thing as a free pass, and things are always at a cost. Keep in mind that whatever you get, from “free crypto” faucets, task sites, and so on are through your own effort and time.

For example, if you claim from a faucet, you are using your time and person to look at the ads, clicking the captcha, and claiming. On a task site, you are doing that task, the survey, or watching the video. The list goes on, so make sure you are getting a decent reward for your efforts.

Well, let’s get to it:


Of course, the first thing is faucets. They are easy-to-use and quick (other than reaching payout thresholds). All you need is a crypto wallet, web browser, and you can keep the faucet in the background, claiming from it when it is time.

Since some faucets also have alerts for when you can claim again, you can use that to your advantage. Click here to see our guide for using faucets and here for some recommended faucets.

Airdrops, giveaways, and signup bonuses

Ahh, the most lucrative way of acquiring crypto. I get it, these are all different, but I think it’s safe to say they fall under the same umbrella.


An “airdrop” is when companies literally give away their precious cryptocoins and tokens to people in order to raise awareness and popularity for the coin.

Airdrop tasks can include: Joining a Telegram group, follow and retweet, KYC, and so on. These vary by airdrop and usually they will also have “bounties” for referring others to the coin or translating their whitepaper, etc.

Airdrops however, are kind of all speculation because you have to assume that the coin will be worth something and the project will take off. Usually, it’s nice to collect the coins because, FOMO… and they are free!

Here are some sites that show open airdrops:


There is no guarantee for crypto in a giveaway, but hey, it’s still a chance! So far, I think most of these are posted on Twitter and some crypto blogs, so you might have to check often. Sometimes, exchanges and crypto websites will host them for a retweet, comment, or just following. Rewards usually vary, but of course, there is also a chance of not winning anything.

Signup Bonuses

These are popular since you obtain free money for signing up and using a platform. Most signup bonuses are from exchanges, such as Coinbase and so on, with referral programs.

Obviously, please do your research to make sure you do not sign up for something shady and lose a lot. We did warn you, so please don’t do anything stupid.

Microtasks and surveys

I’m pretty sure this is one of the most popular ways of earning gift cards and stuff online. You can use sites that let you earn from doing surveys and microtasks such as watching videos, downloading and playing games, or signing up for the sponsors of the website.

Tasks vary for each website and surveys are usually from the usual survey providers that also provide surveys for the big sites like Swagbucks or InboxDollars.


PTC is a pretty classic way to earn crypto and these are pretty easy to do. You sign up, click on a site to visit, and get a few satoshis and so on for waiting between 10 seconds to like 2 minutes.

There is one problem though that I noticed, that PTC sites for crypto are relatively low-paying per click and has a decently high withdraw threshold for the low-paying click rewards.

Here are several (Ref links):

Posting Platforms

Ever heard of sites like Steemit or Publish0x? Steemit, possibly, but Publish0x, maybe not as it is newer. So, what exactly are these? Steemit and Publish0x are sites that allow you to write posts and earn crypto through tips from the readers.

So, both platforms don’t necessarily need users to deposit crypto to tip and donate, as they are designed to tip through Steemit’s curation and author rewards, and Publish0x’s tipping pool.

As an author

Well, if you are a blogger or prefer writing, you can always write. Both are similar to Medium, the popular and simple blogging platform, but with easier monetization through tipping. Tipping is on both platforms differ, as Steemit’s algorithm for rewards is based on who is upvoting and how many people are upvoting, while Publish0x is based on how many readers tip and what percentage they want to tip (with a maximum tip of 80%).

As a reader

Yes, not only do authors get rewarded, but readers as well. Steemit rewards “curators” in Steempower (SP), and the more Steempower you have, in theory, the more your upvotes are worth in the Steemit algorithm. Usually, Steemit whales have the most vote value, but it’s still nice to earn a little for reading blogs.

Publish0x on the other hand is different. The reader and the author share collectively a tip, with up to 80% going to one of them. The reader gets to decide how much percentage they want to tip and then the tip comes out of the Publish0x tipping pool.

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