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By adereign | Adereign | 12 Jun 2022

Life is too short to be stressed on a daily basis, you're too young to worry about heart problems, and you're too young to have to take life-shortening medications. The only way to truly be stress free is to change the way you view things.

There are many things that can cause us stress in our lives, but stress itself is not one of them. Stress is a bodily response to a given situation. Nothing more, nothing less. The stress response works much like the fight or flight response in that it prepares the body for a life or death encounter. As such, it is quite effective at keeping us alive in those circumstances.

The problem is, the stress response has evolved to help us deal with danger, not with everyday problems or decisions. And so, a relatively minor situation today can trigger a full-blown stress response complete with all the physical and mental symptoms that it entails. One of these responses is increased heart rate which may lead to chest pain and other heart-related symptoms.

The good news is that there are some simple steps we can follow to avoid a full-blown stress response.

I have found that most people want to leave a life filled with stress and frustration behind. Creating something better is the ultimate goal of everyone and it's a very worthwhile reason.

Not to my surprise a vast majority of people I know on Facebook are currently under some sort of pressure. Stress is something that takes it's toll on the mental and physical health of those who are fighting to conquer the day. The causes of stress can vary from personal to professional life. Some people are drowning in student loan debt and some are just unhappy with their jobs, Poor sales performance, an illness, death of a loved one, and divorce just to name a few. Life is stressful enough on its own why not take steps to leave a more stress free life here are few tips that have helped me cope with the stress in my life.

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