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Huge yield

By Adere | Adere | 3 May 2021

I've read a recent post about a DeFi company offering a nice registration bonus that increases with referrals and offers a huge APY for freezing some of your tokens for up to 10 years!! 

That site calculates the earnings you will get according to the freezing duration you chose. For example, freezing about 40$ of their token for 10 years will get you approximately USD 98,920.66 (as shown in their graph at the time of my writing).

This sure is something that can make you think "let's register" and make a deposit of 50$ to get the registration bonus. Who doesn't want to get 100k$ being a passive earner with only 50$ investment?

Looking at the calculator footnotes they mention "* Future lowering of block rewards and price changes are not considered for shown amounts."

Reading their small letters they specify "Please note that you may not be able to recover all the money or DPTs you paid to your DPT service provider if your DPT service provider’s business fails."

I haven't seen another app offering a 10 year option....

Didn't have much time to go through all their legal terms and conditions but the above made me think that's a nice way to get new "investors" , referrals and fresh money to our app and if we don't do well that's not our problem. 

Always read and check before commiting any amount to any project, especially when we talk about staking for 10 years and the huge ROI "promised"...

I hope those that already invested do well.!!! Cheers



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