Not seriously

By adelaja | adelaja | 24 Apr 2022

I'll get lost in the white snows
Knee-deep into their silence
Here, without witnesses, on these shores
I will leave my suffering.

How could I keep quiet then?
Strangle feelings in yourself.
If you love, you need to shout
So that everyone can hear it in the world.

To be happy for at least a day or a year
Get lost in his gentle eyes.
In a kiss they will fall asleep forever,
To make the heart forget to beat.

So that the cold in the soul does not peak,
One fire burned for two
To wrap yourself in warmth forever,
And love, as the sun warmed.

Not destined...My fault.
Laughed with his love.
Not seriously.., and for that in full
I drink loneliness and despair and suffering.

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