Prospectors. Join the 19th century Gold Rush atmosphere.

By Pedro Ferreira | Add Value | 30 Jul 2019


Hello everyone, today I'm here to give you the opportunity to join one of the best games on the eos blockchain. The game is Prospectors Gold, this games is an incredible combination between a strategy game and a money management game. With this game you can make real money and convert it to bitcoin.

If you don´t have an eos wallet you can create one for $2.90, if you think that paying this money to create a wallet is a waste, then think again because eos don´t have transaction fees.

Each PLG Token as a value of $0.22, from my experience you can make in a week easly 550 PLG Token.

If you are already familiar with EOS and want to try, I would be grateful if you chose my referral link below. If not, no big deal. I'm not shilling just passing this on because I can see the opportunity to make a profit playing and lets face it, profit is profit!

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