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Stake Hive and earn rewards

By achim03 | achim | 20 Apr 2020

How to get a maximal return on your staked Hive

When I look at Binance staking and I see the return that is offered on staking tokens, the return on investment lies somewhere between 1 and 16% per year according to the coin. The rewards from staking are in most cases paid once a week. This is great but did you know that staking on Hive is more profitable?

How to stake Hive

Hive tokens can be staked. It is commonly known as powering up where liquid Hive becomes Hive Power (HP). Contrary to other blockchains like Tron where unstaking takes 3 days, it takes 13 weeks to gradually unstake Hive tokens. Every week an equal share is transformed back into liquid Hive and after 13 weeks, the whole stake is liquid again. This should be taken into consideration when powering up hive.

It is very simple to power up Hive. It can be done in any wallet or even on Hive Keychain.

Source: peakd wallet

Staking alone is however not enough to earn

When you stake Hive you won't get any return yet but you have several options to let this stake work for you:

Upvoting authors

This is the easiest way to let your hive power work for you. You simply upvote 10 posts every day that you like. Your upvote will give value to these posts and after 7 days you will get a chunk of the 50% curation rewards of all the posts that you upvoted.

In order to generate curation rewards, you will need a minimal amount of Hive Power. If you have less than 100 HP, it will be very difficult to generate any curation rewards.

The best moment to vote on a post is around 4 to 5 minutes after it being published. If you vote too early, your vote will not generate curation rewards. The highest curation rewards are generated if you manage to vote on posts that will grow sensibly in value after you voted.

If you start to upvote today, in 7 days you will get 10 rewards from curation. This is great but it's quite time consuming.

Another way of proceeding is to use the service of where you can set upvotes to certain authors. You can also set the time when the vote should be given (4 to 5 minutes after publication) and set the percentage of your vote. When you have a lot of HP, it might be a good idea to split your votes into smaller upvotes and like that you can give more votes every day.

On, it is also possible to follow curation trails. Your upvotes are following the upvotes given by another user. This is quite interesting because you just need to set the user that you want to follow and he is doing all the work for you.

The ROI of this activity is quite difficult to calculate because a lot of factors contribute to your return like the quality of the posts that you upvote, the moment of the upvotes or the amount of upvotes that the post recieves after your vote.

Your upvotes are regenerating automatically so that you can give 10 times an upvote with 100% voting power every 24 hours.

Delegate your staked Hive to a curation service

A great way to generate income with your stake is to delegate your coins to a curation service. I use the service of project.hope which is 100% not profit orientated and redistributes the curation rewards to the delegators. You can use peakd wallet to delegate your HP. With project.hope you need to delegate at least 1000 HP. It's a great service that pays you every day automatically.

I've delegated 1000 HP to project.hope and I receive between 0.2 and 0.5 Hive every day. The average payout per day has been 0.34 Hive. This corresponds to a ROI of 12.65% p.a which is quite great especially when considering that I get a payout every day that I can reinvest or sell.

Rent out your Staked HP

Dlease offers a market place where you can rent out your Staked HP in the form of a delegation and you get paid daily. You can get up to 14% p.a on this market.

Market overview of Dlease

What is great with delegations on Hive is that you stay always in control of your coins, you can take your delegations away at any time. It will normally take one week till you have full control again over your Staked Hive.

Want to learn more about Hive? Check out my free Hive introduction course

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