Project Liotes – Coming Soon to the Hive Ecosystem

By achim03 | achim | 27 Feb 2021

I've been on the hive blockchain for 39 months according to hiveblocks. I started with nothing and slowly built my way up in an organic way. The longer I was on this journey, the more I liked it and the more energy and time I spent on the platform.

It goes so far that I consider today my activity on the blockchain as my secondary job. Living in Switzerland, life costs are astronomic and I won't be able to live from my crypto income anytime soon. However, since my offline business is closed down because of the virus, I have plenty of time to work on this secondary job and I enjoy it.

Teaming up with Zoltan (@ph1102)

Some time ago, I met @ph1102 on the blockchain. Zoltan is the amazing guy who was commenting almost all the posts in the CTP community. I really appreciated that and over time we became blockchain friends. We started to regularly exchange ideas in our discord chats.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a sleepless night during which I came up with a kind of innovative idea (at least I believe it is). I presented it to Zoltan and after some brainstorming we decided to translate this idea into reality. This is how this project was born.

A Blockchain Adventure

We kind of struggle to define what exactly our project is. The central point of it being that it should allow everybody involved to earn money. However it is also related to blockchain gaming and everything is wrapped into a story. That is why we decided to call it a blockchain adventure...

When will it be released?

We will release more details about the project in the coming days. If you can't wait, you can go to the website of the project and enter your e-mail address to get some additional information.

Here the trailer for the project


Watch the video on Lbry

Let's connect ! You can find me on these platforms:

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