Switching to new crypto trading platform- WazirX And Experiencing Pi Network Firsthand.

By ac05 | ac05xblog | 9 May 2021

Well, Today I have tries two new things in the crypto world. 

  • Firstly I have switched my crypto trading platform
  • Second I made an account on Pi network.



So, I have switched to wazirx trading platform because it offers various features and is available for android, ios, and windows. Well, You can see the detailed graph of the price of various coins and their relative change. You can buy more than 100 crypto coins here including hive, which was great news for me. Plus you can exchange one type of crypto for another crypto  Well I haven't covered the most interesting features of this app. There are 3 very Interesting features of this platform.

  • What has attracted me to this app was its P2P feature. you can directly buy the crypto from another person.
  • There is smart token fund feature too, where you have to choose the right SFT trader and that will grow your currency overtime for you.
  • There is also wazirx referral program, where on successful referral you can get 50% commission or every trade. Now that is called some serious earning.

Well, my referral link for wazirx is http://wazirx.com/invite/ar222a6a. If you are making an account there do use this. 

Wazirx gives you 18 wazix token for every 180USD trade.


Pi network


Well, it is the first smartphone-based mining platform. Basically you once every 24 hours have to click on the mining button to start mining the pi currency. Though the value of this currency is very low today but has the potential to reach 0.4 USD next year.  The current rate of mining is 0.10 pi/hr, so giving you a total of 2.4 pi per day. But wait if you refer someone, you will have 25% extra earning ie. 0.025 pi/hr additional boost. Hypothetically if you add 10 people, then

your base income = 0.1 pi/hr
additional income on adding 10 menbers= 10* 25% of .1 pi/hr
                                      = 0.25pi/hr
giving a total of .35 pi/hr.

This team of 10 added members is called the earning team that will earn a little for you. It is compulsory to enter a referral to make an account on pi network.

Well, use my referral code ( aco5mc ) to start your PI journey. But be fast, as more members are adding, the mining rate is lowering.

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