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By ac05 | ac05xblog | 7 May 2021

1) Dogecoin now giving 8000% return.

Well once a joke, is now the best-growing currency in 2021 giving 8000% return compared to the starting of this year. It saw the major sike between Monday and Wednesday, reaching the 90 million USD cap. Well, Elon Musk is making Saturday Night Live appearance this week, it would be interesting to see the price after it.

2) Dogecoin coin is now more valuable than SpaceX.

It has been on the golden run in 2021. Well isn't it funny that the Dogecoin, promoted by Elon, has run ahead of SpaceX the aerospace company of Elon.

3) Ethereum co-founder becomes the youngest crypto billionaire.

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of ethereum became the youngest billionaire on May 4 when the price of ethereum hiked past $3000.

4) BLunder of Doge co-creator.

Recently I heard a hilarious incident that the co-creator of doge sold all his coins in 2015 to buy a Honda Civic. Well, he could have bought the whole Honda company today only had he been patient.

5) Today all your favourite cryptos had negative growth

Doge, Bitcoin, ethereum, etc all your favourite cryptocurrencies have been down compared to yesterday. Well, good time to study the market and invest in them.

6) Good news for Indian Crypto investors

The cryptocurrency won't be banning in India as per the NPCI, which runs UPI.


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