Talking to Myself and Cocroaches

Another late night, and it is time for another freewriting session. The room light is turned off, the TV is on pause and the timer is set. Now all I have to do is to think of a topic to talk about on my feet. It doesn't have to be something impressive, it doesn't have to be something breathtaking, it just has to be - something.

It has to be something I can think of ordinarily and could easily be something on top of anyone's head. I just then need to expound and to elaborate on that particular topic until it becomes a coherent point of discussion.

Discussion. Here's what I do when I freewrite. I do not think of it as writing, I think of it as a conversation. I feel like I am talking to someone, to you. I put myself in a position wherein it is like a talk show over the radio. We have random topics and then we bounce ideas off one another until we can build an entertaining and immersive flow of thoughts. That's the secret to my freewriting. You may try it. It's quite easy, I mean, who doesn't talk to themselves, right? Well, I hope I am not alone, or else I should be checking myself into an asylum.

I am not crazy though. I'd like to think that I am just caressing my creative part of the brain and at the same time humoring my argumentative part of it. I think that it is a good exercise.

People, women especially, always have something in their minds. They even tend to overthink. I think that it is an advantage when you want to excel in freewriting. Unlike us men, we could just sit in a corner and look into nothingness and totally have a blank state of mind. That's a bliss that women would never understand because they are constantly thinking. Can anyone confirm this theory?

Anyway, I am several paragraphs into this article and all I had done is to tell you my secret in freewriting. I guess it's not a secret anymore. It takes practice though before you can really master it. I always practice talking to myself, about everything. Sometimes I get into an argument with myself too. Weird.

I think I could do well in a talk show. Lol. But then again, I am too shy to convey what I am thinking implicitly. I can write, I can think, but speaking is different. If it's one on one, I could do that no problem, but to know that I am speaking with an audience, is something else. I don't know though, I suddenly developed a fear of public speaking when I got into college. From elementary and high school, I can deliver speeches even without using index cards. I even participate in declamations.

But in college, nah, I'm just a noisy boy when we're in a small group. I always avoid doing things in public. I'm shy that way.

Shy? Do you know who's shy? Cockroaches. Yes, for real. You won't see them just lying around. Once they see you looking at them, they will panic and try to escape the room to avoid you. But sometimes they think that they can avoid you by flying directly into your face. I guess they believe in the saying "Face your fears". It's weird though, I get people being disgusted with them. Because come on, they are pretty creepy! If they aren't creepy enough for you, watch One Punch Man and when you see that cockroach man, oh man, I am telling you, actually, I forgot what I am telling you.

Oh yeah, I just don't get why so many people are afraid of them. I even know guys who you can consider macho or buff that are afraid of them. It's a freaking insect dude, you can step on it and it wouldn't even bother you. Well, that's another story if you are a germaphobe. I think I can understand that. Cockroaches are one of the dirtiest creatures on the planet, and I am not saying that metaphorically, I am saying that they are literally dirty. You know it from their smell alone. Oh dang, I hate how they smell. I just... ugh, I loathe it.

And then I...oh wait. Would you look at that? My time is up. That's another thing I love in freewriting. It is supposed to be timed. It doesn't matter if the article is quite lacking in substance, when the clock ticks the last second you should raise your pen up and terminate the session. Or in this case, fingers off the keyboard.



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