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By vkrishnanaz | AboutMe | 20 Aug 2020

Recently, I have found a new cryptocurrency I am interested in, given it has near 7 million active users. Therefore I consider new to be before the cryptocurrency is released to exchanges. This cryptocurrency is the PI Network and I will be giving my reviews on it.

PI Network is built upon a rather interesting topic for a cryptocurrency, and for more details, please visit their white paper here. Their model, rather than being built off of a proof of stake or proof of work model, is instead built off of a proof of consensus model, using global trust maps to confirm transactions. This is quite intriguing because it supposedly will not drain phone battery. And, yes, mining takes place on a phone! Also, mining is super simple, all you do is log in n your phone once every 24 hours and click a button to start mining.

Currently, the PI coin has no value, as it is not released on exchanges yet. It will be released for trading and transfers, at least according to them on pi day 2021(3/14/2021) Once that day occurs, PI will have a set price, whether it is low or high. PI does have a decent user base, and some of those users have quite high expectations of the coin, with some believing it will be worth 100$ a coin. Now 100$ a coin would be extremely high from a realistic due to the amount in circulation but anywhere from 0.007$-.11$ is my estimate. 

All in all, PI is an interesting new cryptocurrency, and if you are not an existing PI user and want to try it out, click here to download it, and put vkrishnanaz when it asks for a referral code.

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