A city or a village? What's better?

By nervi | About Life | 3 Aug 2019

Where would you rather live? In the city? Or maybe you prefer to spend time without the mass of city traffic? This question is asking a lot of people when they decide to choose their place of residence. I will try to present my subjective opinion on this subject.




When we think about the environment during the selection, first and foremost a clean environment, the countryside usually comes to mind. When we imagine such a life, we see greenery everywhere, running rabbits and a backyard farm. It is a fact, such a life can be pleasant for some, but some prefer a more active life in the city. It should be remembered that the city is not a center of pollution and factories, and green parks are becoming increasingly common.



Living conditions


Comfort, accessibility, convenience - living conditions at a glance. Let's start with the city ...
I will give you the simplest example. Public transport. In a big city, we do not really need a car, because half of the time we will be in traffic jams. And transport, for example, by trams or city bikes, is often faster, does not lower our portfolio so much and is healthier because of the lack of production of fumes or other harmful substances.
Thanks to the greater availability of various resources, we are able to afford more facilities. All thanks to higher earnings. Another plus for the city. As we talk about earnings, we say ... work. They are holy to look for a city where there are no vacancies. Free places which means a greater variety of possible professions which is quite important when choosing a job.

On the other hand, some prefer to stay out of the way, in a quiet village. Here the great advantage is even better food that directly affects our health. We will not see fast food like McDonald's in villages and tiny towns. That's why we are sometimes forced to prepare a full-blown dinner, a point for the village!




Shopping centers, cinemas, restaurants ... these are just examples. In everyday life, it is worth taking care of appropriate entertainment and social values. The city is full of entertainment and cultural places. Thanks to such places, we have many advantages. In the shopping center, we buy new shoes, eat something and then go to the cinema with friends. It is in vain to look for great galleries in the villages. This does not mean that there are no service points in the village. An advantage here is the presence of nature. If, for example, a nature reserve is near the village, buildings focusing on tourism are built right away, and as we know it is a powerful business.


My opinion


In this matter, unfortunately, I'm not a zero-one. I love access to all services offered by the city, but sometimes I would like to take a break from the rush of the city. At the same time, I would not like to live on a farm. I think the best option for me would be a flat in the suburbs.

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