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By dealer | about crypto market | 17 Mar 2021

Back in 1999, the Greek Prime Minister advised the citizens of the country to invest their money in the stock market after informing them that it is a guaranteed investment.

A year later, while the country was preparing to be one f the first member of the €  (euro) family, the stock market collapsed like a tower of paper and everyone's savings were disappearing. Families were destroyed and the middle class disappeared.

The cryptocurrency market is considering as a new market that needs special attention and patience in order not to lead someone to a result similar to Greek's investors where people who did not know the market and how it works invested all their money and end up to the bottom.

It is especially important to be informed, to read and to invest in the future carefully.

There is no hen that lays the golden eggs and everything that needs preparation and the right action at the right time.

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i am new in this market and i would like to learn new things

about crypto market
about crypto market

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