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This article is to let you know about an outstanding blockchain-based project called ONIZ, and why it will do you amazingly good if you invest your money and time into it. If you are into sport betting, online casino, Online Game, crypto investors, and others like these, then you should painstakingly read this article as you are about to discover something better than Gold, and that something is called ONIZ.

ONIZ is an advanced technology system that encompasses interesting features and things that will be of great benefits to investors. Features such as casino online, football betting, insurance reserve, insurance and many others. Therefore, here are the reasons why, as a wise and smart investors, must buy and ONIZ Token.


ONIZ's AI Technology: People that love sport betting will particularly find this ONIZ AI technology to be exactly what they need with an astonishing winning rate of up to 85%. What ONIZ AI technology does is to give you the most selection rate among wide variety of options and games based on real ability analysis and ratio analysis from bookies. With this AI, you have an amazing chance of up to 85% to win; you cannot get that anywhere else. All you need to do is just to hold certain amount of ONIZ token and you are good to go.

Partnership: You may be wondering that is there any uses for outstanding AI technology that you cannot use anywhere. I am glad to let you know that ONIZ is already in partnership with SBOBET, and you can use ONIZ AI when betting on Sbobet by simply install it. All you have to do is to use ONIZ Token to buy AI analysis tips that will yield highest winning rate.

Powerful Multi-Chain Wallet: ONIZ have a powerful Multi-chain wallet that affords users to integrate crypto payments into their life, as well as online payments. With ONIZ multi-chain wallet, day-to-day activities and online payments such as Online Game, Sport Bet, Online Casino and several others is now easy.


Escrow Investment: This is one of my best things about ONIZ project as investors stands to make big profits with ONIZ’s escrow investment. Investors can make up to 30% profit each month when they invest in ONIZ’s escrow, simply amazing.

World’s First ITO: Safety is important to the team behind ONIZ, that is why they bring the concept of ITO as an improvement on ICO and IEO without their weaknesses. ONIZ and its amazing team value their users and investors, therefore, their safety is of paramount.

ONIZ Fund: ONIZ Fund enables those that own ONIZ Token to create subprojects as well as helping participants raise needed capital. This serves as decentralized open-source fund designed to provide great help to participants that are in need of capital.

ONIZ Swap: ONIZ swap program is to help investors to swap their ONZ token directly to BTC or ETH or the other way round. This means that there are no hassles if you wish to sell your ONZ to BTC/ETH or BTC/ETH to ONZ, this swap program got you covered.

ONIZ Token: ONIZ Token symbol is ONZ with total supply of 8 billion. 2.7 billion available for public ITO sale, 2.3 billion ONZ is for ONIZ fund to be used to pay interest on investments and ecosystems. 3 billion ONZ is hold by ONIZ developers for market balancing and inflation control.


In conclusion, ONIZ Token have several uses that are simply amazing to pass by. With ONZ token, you can pay for products that are in partnership with ONIZ, buy betting tips and win substantial amount of money, initialize technology projects involving multi-chain payments and so much more. As a smart investor, you simply cannot pass ONIZ by; your money deserves this great project.

See you at the moon.

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