KoinPro is the Futures Exchange you have been Waiting for and Deserve

KoinPro is the Futures Exchange you have been Waiting for and Deserve

By AbaYomiOla | AbaYomiola | 22 May 2020


I had a discussion with one of my friends last year about Bitcoin futures and exchanges where Bitcoin futures can be traded. The topic was how complicated it is to trade Bitcoin futures as it involves complex order features that newbies or even relatively experienced traders may find difficult to understand.

We concluded then that even though trading Bitcoin futures will afford us to have greater control over our trades and we will get to manage our exposure to risk better, it will be better to wait for an exchange that can offer Bitcoin futures trading while keeping things simple and flexible enough to accommodate prospectively and of course advanced futures traders. Fortunately for us, we do not have to wait long as KoinPro is here with its cutting-edge features to redefine Bitcoin futures trading.


About KoinPro: Futures Exchange you have been waiting for.

KoinPro is a futures exchange that is built by a team of brilliant minds to redefine how Bitcoin futures. Realizing that complex order features is making people, especially newbies shying away from trading Bitcoin futures, KoinPro and its amazing team have designed a futures exchange that will make trading Bitcoin futures as easy as possible for newbies as well as experienced futures traders.

To ensure that everyone interested in Bitcoin futures trading can do so without much difficulty regardless of their experience, KoinPro offers two predefined and Bitcoin futures contracts – the double-UP and perpetual contract, both of which are distinct but equally important.


Are you a beginner and you are worried that trading Bitcoin futures is not in the card for you because of all those complex order panels with a confusing array of orders and options? It is a pleasure to inform you that you could not be more wrong because KoinPro’s double-UP is tailored for you. Two things that are important about double-UP contract it requires simple execution settings and features limited risk.

The double-UP contract is simple and requires no advanced technical knowledge of any kind. It is traded at 100x leverage and will automatically settle when the position either gains or loses 100% of its value. What this means is that you do not have to keep monitoring your trade as the process is automatic when your target which 100x hits.

Are you the type that wants the flexibility to be able to exit your position whenever hit your target profit or loss is achieved? Then, KoinPro’s BTC/USD perpetual contract is designed for you because of its advanced option which let you have more control. The BTC/USD perpetual contract is also traded at 100x leverage. The 100x leverage means that KoinPro traders will benefit hugely in term of profits from market swings.

Best features in the world mean nothing if traders fund is not safe in an exchange. One thing that always gives traders and investors concern the most is the security of an exchange they are sending their assets. And it is a genuine concern in light of several attacks on exchanges which have led to many losing their money.

So, how does KoinPro guarantee that their futures exchange is safe from malicious attacks that may lead to loss of traders’ fund?

The answer is simple, the team did not leave anything to chance, thus, their partnership with BitGo. In case you are not aware, BitGo is a company that is built to safeguard digital assets. BitGo has stood the test of time as a company that can guarantee institutional-grade security which implies that KoinPro is well protected from any kind of malicious attack. If this is not enough to keep your mind at rest, the team behind KoinPro went further to ensure that their wallets are backed by a $100 million insurance plan.

In addition to this, KoinPro gives you options to enable email, SMS, and Google authentication for your activity on the exchange whether it is withdrawal or login. By doing this, you guarantee the security of your account even if your device is somehow compromised.

You can see that not only is KoinPro was designed to offer cutting-edge features only, but they also ensure that you get to enjoy all these features in a secure environment.

Do you know that you can even trade Stock Index CFDs, Gold and Oil on KoinPro? What about their affiliate program where you can earn unlimited commission simply by referring your social network? KoinPro is simply in a class of its own.


In conclusion

There are futures exchanges, then there is KoinPro. This is a project that is designed to bring different and better outlook to Bitcoin futures trading. One of the things that make KoinPro stands out is that unlike others, KoinPro accommodates everyone whether they are newbies or expert traders. The features that suit everyone is readily available on KoinPro.

If you are looking for where an exchange where you can best trade Bitcoin futures, you simply do not have a choice, KoinPro is the only option.

Official website: https://koinpro.com/

To find out more about about KoinPro, kindly visit the following links:

Telegram: https://t.me/koinpro

Twitter: https://twitter.com/koinprocom

Medium: https://medium.com/koinprocom

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChRTKyCpuFs9FaBQGlGVoig

Bitcointalk Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5219842

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