Keyword advertising is BIG Business!

Presearch and the Quest for Billions of Dollars

By aarqa | Aarqablog | 27 Mar 2021

Keyword Advertising is BIG BUSINESS! (and we want our share!)  


You want to get paid if people want to show you their advertisements! Why should someone else get the money?!


That's the idea, that you should get the money, and it is a LOT of money up for grabs! Traditionally advertisers pay a search engine like Google for 'keyword advertising', where advertisers use keywords related to their products to raise their search results.


This article is about how Presearch is trying to get into the internet's largest business, advertising, with just keyword advertising being worth over $100 billion per year.

If the person searching clicks on one of those paid advertisements then the search engine that sold them gets a very small amount of money...they make money per click. While the money per click may be small, the revenue is huge. It is estimated that Google makes $100 billion per year on keyword advertising. Microsoft's Bing is the second largest keyword advertiser at $7.5 billion per year, and even a search engine that is geared more towards privacy, DuckDuckGo, is making around $1 billion per year on their keyword advertising.

There are quite a number of interesting and fun statistics about how keyword advertising works. People who use search engines are often looking for something they need and advertisers are looking for motivated buyers. People may be skeptical or resentful of being tracked, categorized and followed but as long as it works well then sellers are going to keep paying for keyword advertising.

  • 77% of search engine users think they can tell the difference between paids ads and 'organic' results (results the search engine gives without advertisers)
  • 3 out of 4 people said paid search ads make it easier for them to find what they're looking for
  • 1 in 3 people clicked on paid advertisements because it directly answered their search question (in other words, they're looking to buy what that advertiser is selling)

It's clear from the survey that keyword advertising is doing exactly what it is meant to do, connect consumers of products and services with sellers of those products and services. The article talks about every one of their statistics in a little more detail at

No doubt there is an art to designing which keywords advertisers use, they want their keywords to target paying customers as much as possible. If the users search term is "discount hotels" then you don't want your 5-star, full price, upscale hotel advertisement to go to them, but if you're a budget hotel or a bed-and-breakfast trying to compete for that business you might be willing to outbid each other on what you'd pay for those clicks. If you're going to try their keyword advertising for your own site you may want to play around with what keyword search you stakes.

This is the business Presearch is trying to start up, a keyword search engine business. If they can build a successful business model and get a decent share of the pie, those tokens they pay you in are also used for paying for the keyword advertising. Currently the keyword advertising is done in the form of keyword staking, where the person with the most PRE tokens staked is listed first for that keyword search and not the 'pay per click' model, although they do imply they will go to this model: "During the initial launch phase of the platform, estimated to last until sometime in early 2021, there will be no cost for any traffic you receive through your ad." If implemented right this is a very good thing, keyword advertising is big business and if Presearch becomes a popular search engine more advertiser dollars will come to the Presearch engine. If you believe in the idea of Presearch and think it could cut itself into the keyword search term advertising action you may just want to hold your earned Presearch tokens until they go, as they say, 'to the moooooon'!

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