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Five predictions for 2022

By Aakasha | AakashaBlogs | 30 Jan 2022

The times when things are down in the dumps are the times that test your faith. That's true for just about anything in life, including crypto. The market has pulled back quite a bit, and everything has been in the red. Despite that, my outlook remains positive for 2022. This confidence is not based on blind faith, but general trends in the market that indicate more believers than tourists this time around. There are waves of adoption coming in from different quarters, and the enthusiasm refuses to die. So here are some predictions for the year ahead.


1. Metaverse, Meta-wars: 

With Facebook, now Meta, and Microsoft entering the metaverse, the eagerness for everything virtual is vastly accelerated. This pace won't cool down very soon, and the year ahead will only see more growth and value add in the metaverse. While Sandbox (SAND) has been selling land parcels, Chromia (CHR) has been busy quietly building its ecosystem.

2. The continued growth of DeFi: 

DeFi has brought in waves of investors, and their success will continue, bringing in more in 2022. Staking is a low-risk and high-reward source of income for a ton of investors. Even a newbie who has made marginal profits or is looking to hold for a long time is interested in seeing their investments grow. With zero to low lock-in periods, most PoS coins offer attractive returns. You can find most of the popular coins and tokens on Bityard, which has given DeFi a section of its own.

3. L1, L2, solutions will prevail in 2022: 

Etheruem, despite its popularity, has a high gas fee problem. Ethereum 2.0 might reduce fees to a certain extent, but it is unlikely to be low enough to be practical for transactions in P2E games. 

4. NFTs will rule: 

It is evident that NFTs are bringing in new communities of people in droves. If twitter spaces are anything to go by, everyone seems to be talking NFT. The general NFT market has been unaffected by the crypto slump, with OpenSea setting new records for monthly sales. While OpenSea, Foundation, Known Origin, and the likes continue to be popular, other marketplaces built on the Tezos and Binance chains are growing. More and more artists and collectors are choosing them for the economical minting fees.

5. Crypto economy will strengthen: 

Growth in crypto adoption also means continued growth in crypto economy participation. Farming, staking, participating in a DAO, providing infrastructure support by way of computing power are not tasks that are possible in an absolute passive manner. A cycle of growth and adoption can stabilize the market to the extent that it continues to move sideways rather than move to the bottom. The vacancies created by the great resignation are very unlikely to be filled very soon.

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Dear Reader, thank for taking the time to read about my Crytpo Outlook for 2022. What do you think is in store this year? Are you a bearish or bullish for the year ahead? Let me know in the comments. Show your love by commenting, tipping and sharing. Your support encourages me to keep writing.


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