The Weight And Precision Of The Spoken Word*Pt.2



1 Kings 22:34
"And a certain man drew a bow at a VENTURE,and smote the king of Israel between the joints of the harness:wherefore he said unto the driver of his chariot,Turn thine hand,and carry me out of the host;for I am wounded."

After the word of the Lord goes forth,suddenly,Ahab desires to take Ramoth Gilead from the Syrians.Four hundred prophets falsely prophesied victory at Ramoth Gilead,but Micaiah the prophet prohecied defeat,and is imprisoned for his prophecy.

Off to battle Ahab went.
He disguised himself by dressing like an ordinary soldier and not a king.
Contrarily,he instructs King Jehosaphat to dress like a king,to prevent him-Ahab from being spotted by the Syrians,and perhaps to get Jehosaphat killed in his place;but strangely,the king of Syria gives an uncommon order not kill anyone except single out Ahab.
The Syrian captains heed to the instruction and pursue after Jehosaphat,mistaking him for Ahab......

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