The case for ignoring cryptocurrencies

The case for ignoring cryptocurrencies

“I am sick of hearing about crypto. Can’t I just ignore it and keep doing what is working?” 

I totally get that thought. I’m in my 30s and don’t want to bother with learning about crypto. I wish it were that simple. 

But the fact is, crypto isn’t an alternative investment. Or a nice to have investment. It’s more than that. 
The case for ignoring it is simply laziness and fear. And those are two dangerous pitfalls. 

And the proof is in the fact that it’s already replacing the dollar. 

Take a look at what’s happening with currency in Russia, China, Venezuela. 
And you may not know it, but it’s happening in every major country in the world. 

Yes. Even where you live. 

You see, many international banks have stopped sending digital dollars and have started sending crypto transfers instead. 

This means... 

The dollar is already being replaced and no one knows it. 

That should keep you up at night with fear and worry. 

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I am an entrepreneur and a writer with a bachelors degree in Electrical Engr Passionate about Blockchain technology . Also holds expertise in digital marketing.

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