Can you benefit from the Retail Apocalypse?

This past year has been absolutely brutal for brick and mortar retail businesses.

Toys-R-Us went out of business and closed over 735 stores.

Best Buy shuttered 257 of it's retail locations.

Sears is closing 188 stores even after being saved at the last minute from total bankruptcy with 5 billion dollars in hail mary funding.

And just this past week we learned that Payless Shoes will file for bankruptcy and close all 2300 locations.

Are these businesses closing because people are buying less? Absolutely not.

The economy is thriving and people are buying more "stuff" than ever. The retail landscape is simply changing, and with that change comes opportunity.

To see where that opportunity exists, you only have to look to one company: Amazon.

While all of these other businesses were closing up shop, Amazon was investing in itself and experiencing growth like no other company in history.

After doing a "measly" $48 billion in 2011, they were able to scale their business and did five times that last year, raking in $233 billion in sales.

This year they are expected to do well over $300 billion. That’s larger than the GDP of 75% of the countries in the world!

What's even more impressive than the tens of billions of dollars they are growing each year is their rate of growth. It's simply. Not. Slowing. Down. I've never seen anything like it.

The best part of this growth is that YOU can take advantage of it right now.

All of Amazon's hard work over the past decade has created a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone looking to start their own business.

And the costs for starting a business leveraging a company like Amazon are much less than you might think.

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