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By Danyakot | a whole day of positivity | 27 Jul 2020

In our childhood, many teaching methods border on death. I remember when I was a child, my father taught me to ride a Bicycle. No prior safety precautions. He just put her on the bike, took her by the saddle, and let her go. But because of this, I think, in a more conscious life, we have a blunted sense of self-preservation. I was at the airport once. I'm sitting in a cafe. And on the speakerphone there is an ad where a woman announces: "Fire alarm! Leave immediately... " but no one moved their ass. The only thing that changed — the man at the next table began to stir the sugar in the coffee faster. And this is us. We do that. Until we are certain that we are in danger, we will not move. Until we see a burning man who runs with the phrase "This is not a drill!»

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a whole day of positivity
a whole day of positivity

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