Hackers attacked Tor users to steal bitcoins

By Danyakot | a whole day of positivity | 12 Aug 2020

An unknown hacker group used the Tor network to attack users of cryptocurrency sites. This is reported by the security researcher Nusenu.

Attackers took control of a significant share of the output nodes of the Tor network — by may 2020, they controlled almost a quarter of all such nodes.

Hackers used traffic manipulation to carry out so-called intermediary attacks. They replaced user traffic from HTTPS addresses with less secure HTTP.

This allowed them to replace bitcoin addresses in HTTP traffic associated with bitcoin mixers to redirect transactions to their wallets instead of user wallets.

The researcher stressed that such attacks are not new, but the scale of the current one is impressive.
Nusenu reported the problem to Tor administrators. The latter took measures to combat hackers. However, in August, hackers still controlled approximately 10% of the output nodes.

Last year, researchers discovered a fake tor browser stealing users ' bitcoins.

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