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By Danyakot | a whole day of positivity | 23 Jul 2020

Friends! I decided to try myself in humor) tired of these gray days of pessimism and empty expectations...
I will write about my own situations in life, and also fantasize a little) If everything is OK with humor, then I will see by your likes! Rushed)


My son is not old enough and now he wants everything. He falls for all sorts of colorful, painted, shiny shit. In this respect, he is very much like his mother. I was taking him to kindergarten, and we pass a GMC on huge wheels, all covered in stickers like "4x4 Club,", "Off-Road-Team", " I Like off-road»… And he says: "Dad, look how cool the jeep is." I say, " This is bullshit, let's go." He says: "Look how cool the stickers are." I say, " Stickers are also shit. Come on, we're late."
And I pick him up in the evening from kindergarten, we pass by this car again and he says: "Dad, look-this is bullshit." And at this moment, a man is poking around in the trunk. I say, " Well, what kind of shit is this? This is a cool jeep. Look at the stickers." On this day, my son learned what hypocrisy is.


By the way, have you noticed that whatever problem you have with Google has already happened to someone? Seriously, even if you enter the question: "What should I do if a porcupine was thrown in my face?", then a person who has already written about it will appear on some forum. For example, my wife and I had a similar situation last year.


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a whole day of positivity
a whole day of positivity

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