A large batch of bitcoin miners was stolen from a Bitmain farm in China

By Danyakot | a whole day of positivity | 23 Jul 2020

10,000 devices for mining bitcoin, which were located on one of the farms of the company Bitmain, were allegedly taken to an unknown destination. This is reported by the Chinese publication 8BTC.

According to the publication, in an attempt to return the stolen equipment, the company contacted the police.

The message was commented on by Blockstream's Director of strategic development, Samson MoE, who recommended against purchasing Bitmain products and services.0192ffdfc80a61b0e9d3f29cbf0fc3e112d93bf9c45e7d4aa067b83e1f500998.jpeg

"The civil war in Bitmain is only heating up. Don't get caught in the crossfire," he wrote.

MoE's statement refers to the conflict between Bitmain co-founders Mikri Zhang and Jihan Wu, which escalated last fall. Then Wu, with the support of shareholders, removed Zhang from all positions in the company.

After the first unsuccessful attempt to regain control of Bitmain in December last year, Zhang gradually managed to do so in relation to the company's key business divisions.

At the end of June, the media reported that the co-founders of Bitmain discussed the settlement of the conflict, but did not come to a compromise on all the disputed issues.

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