Lotus Flower

Original Acrylic Flower Painting - The Start of It All

By The Mixed Hippie | A Way To Live | 13 Jun 2020

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 8.11.08 PM.png

This is a painting of a purple lotus that I did a few years ago <3 It's crazy to think my stuff went from small canvas to gigantic walls. The balance and difference between the sheer size and scope of work is incredible. Both deserve equal respect.

True story about this painting...

A close friend of mine purchased it for her daughter for her birthday as an inspirational piece to encourage her to be an artist herself. 
Now over 3 years later. It is back in my house and that friend because my partner and that daughter became MY daughter. 

More of my art can be found at We Are Limitless Studios.

Thank you for giving us the platform to showcase some of our work!

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