New Music Release and Short Intro!

By The Mixed Hippie | A Way To Live | 29 Dec 2020

Hello everyone! This is my very first post within the Musicforlife community so I wanted to do more than just share a song, I wanted to give a quick intro into who I am and how I got started in music. I hope you take the time to hear me out!

My name is Brandon and I mainly make electronic music. Utilizing a live guitar, keyboard, and the great Push by Ableton.



I've been making music now for roughly half my life, starting around 11. Woah, that's actually a third! Okay, so yes, a third of my life!


Online, as an artist name, I go by The Mixed Hippie.


Honestly, I am not sure if I even still like the name haha. It was just an Instagram handle that got turned into an artist name as I began making physical art over the years.


I ended up taking music seriously after a break up back in 2013. It was one of the hardest times in my life back then for more than just that reason and I actually found myself creating some music on the computer at 5:00 AM on many days. This was the FIRST time I used something natural to actually move through something emotional in my life. This moment I often forget and am glad I just had a little memory recall just now!



All in all, it is almost 2021 and I told myself with what everything is going on, I need to do way more to continue to create and honestly produce some long term income! Every song that gets out is an asset that can be heard for eternity. Something that my family would benefit from long after I am gone.

I told myself to put out two more songs before the end of the year and so far I just finished up one. It's titled "Lost Cause" and is currently on many streaming platforms. I attached the YouTube version below and hope you check it out! It feels like Electronic Instrumental Rock if you'd give it a name. If you dig it enough, find me on IG at @themixedhippie and you can also check out my art over on

If you took the time to read this. Thank you greatly! I hope to post here more and wanted to actually take a few moments to say hi and tell everyone, let's keep creating!

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The Mixed Hippie

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