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So a month ago I had nothing invested in Crypto and decided to take the plunge. I knew that at first I wanted to play relatively safe and go with a well known exchange such as Coinbase. I was excited as I was now part of a market that had seen growth in the 000 % in the last year. What could possibly go wrong? Well Elon Musk and China, that’s what. They hold a lot of sway in this part of the market and my initial capital took the brunt of these successive announcements. I wasn’t sad or mad about this, markets have always been at the mercy of external influences and this was money I could afford to lose. 

during the lows I explored alternative ways to hold my money in crypto. The rising trend in NFTs led me to Proton, who allow you to create NFTs on their market place. But this isn’t what attracted me to Proton. Proton allow you to put your crypto to work by either short or long staking. Being the risk averse person that I am I tried short staking and started to see returns within the day. So I took the plunge and took out a 3 month stake. If BTC out paces proton in that period I’ll double my crypto stake, if not then I still have my inflated original investment. I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome.

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A venture in the nature of Crypto
A venture in the nature of Crypto

I’ve just started in the world of Crypto. Let’s see what I find out on my journey, the key influencers and pitfalls.

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