What Has COVID-19 Done To The Beauty Industry In India

What Has COVID-19 Done To The Beauty Industry In India

By _TrustSid | A United World | 15 Jun 2020

Let me ask you something. What’s the worst part about the Coronavirus? Some of you might say that the fact that people are losing their lives, while some others might say that the whole quarantine experience is nothing but gruesomely annoying. There are numerous reasons one could come up with, but not going to the salon has to be something that I think about every day. I honestly look like Kiran Bedi in hairbands and every day that hairband becomes even more obnoxious. Folks, these are hard and unprecedented times. But when I hear people describing the beauty industry as a bearish market, I'm sorry but no, I can’t take it. So, I decided to write this ‘heads-up’ piece of article to remind the confused ones out there about the reality of the situation. So, stay with me because this is about to get interesting :)





When you talk about people in general, we all want to look and feel wonderful. We’re always looking forward to that next party and we always want to show up in style. We’re ready to spend precious, hard-earned money for the sake of style and glamour. Fashion is one thing but it only makes sense when it’s combined with the right tools of a salon. Post COVID-19, the beauty industry is definitely going to thrive. The reasons are quite obvious. Everyone's stuck at home with no access to salons and barbershops. Once the restrictions are removed, people will surely rush to get their haircut and nails done and that really says more than I need to explain.





Following basic precautions advised by doctors and experts is a must. If anyone’s suffering from any sort of transmittable disease then it’s vital to get that person the necessary medical treatment. The beauty industry must also join their hands and get involved asap. What I' trying to imply by this is that beauty brands should come up with more hygienic and innovative spas and salons to match the public requirement. Sanitation guidelines authorized by the government must be followed religiously. Rules and regulations must be drilled into employees every day to decrease risk and protect customers from any kind of health hazards.



This virus has really depreciated world economies. Nobody saw this coming and nobody was prepared enough. Times are changing and we must too. Introduction to new kinds of training programs for students is fundamental. Students need to know the use of disposable aprons, towels, sheets, and much more. They need to learn about the practical importance of sanitation and sterilization.





I would be lying if I said no. The truth is that a cure for coronavirus hasn’t yet been developed. Hence, sectors inside the beauty industry that maintain very close contact with customers need to hold their horses for a while. This doesn’t mean that the rest of the industry will sleepwalk. The show must go on! Sectors that have been given permissions to open up, will surely do and will keep attracting consumers on a daily basis.

All said and done, the beauty industry is one such that never seems to have an “off-season”. We’re always open and we’re always doing well. At the end of the day, looking and feeling fantastic has grown to be a part of our lives. It has surely encountered a minor setback but it’s nothing to worry about. Adversity hits us all and I’m sure that we’ll get through it.

So right now just focus on staying at home and staying risk-free!

We’re all in this together!




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