China propaganda and soft power vs what America does

By lazylag | LazyLAG | 18 Mar 2020

Quick Thread about China propaganda and soft power vs what America does. Usually when I'm asked, I don't respond, its their cynical "Always-On Anti U.S. Outrage" But, I'll throw a few notes out there for someone who would like to better define our terms, lets begin...




Since the start of the CCP, and their eventual win of the Civil War vs Populist forces of Chiang Kai-Shek, there has been a coercive effort to shape international debate around China, and to neutralize the Chinese diaspora so as to stop diffusion of liberal ideas back into ChinaThis extends well beyond sovereignty, The Chinese Communist Party sets up in U.S. university campuses, they preserve direct control by consulates/embassies of overseas Chinese students/scholars and business people as a surveillance network.

CCP & its fronting biz ppl, donate to universities/think tanks, to manage that platform & diffuse propaganda. Overseas Chinese language media is not independent, it is a proxy for CCP. Are we allowed to petition Chinese farmers in their rust belt?


Are we allowed to print OpEds in China urging the CCP to allow us to spy?


Can we blunt this interference or do we have to live with this? This is China Communist Party propaganda being pushed out through Brookings. Period.


Brooking forgot to tell anyone they've taken over 300k for the Chinese Communist Party in the last few years, but...they are in good company! John Hopkins, Carter Center, CAP, Carnegie, Atlantic Council, also gladly receive Chinese money

The Chinese Communist Party didnt even hide it, nor did they have to file FARA, that same thing that got Manafort traded for cigarettes...   In the SAME MONTH that China is taking out ads, scaring rural voters and farmers, Vox, that mercenary to the highest bigger - this time China, writes an article to scare 'progressives' and fanfic for #Resistance   Can we plant our foreign Intel agents into Chinese "all the news that's fit to print" and have them tell the CCP to release convicted hackers This is asking for U.S to lower its guard to cyber crime and spying. The malware was used by Korea hacking groups     This is a war without bullets. Do we pursue Cold War containment? Do we foment Han Separatists? Can we inoculate ourselves or can we not? Would there simply be too much pressure on our economic and social fabric? What can we accommodate and what is an existential threat /end

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