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It has only been four months since PlanetQuest was announced to the world.
We are still in a pre-launch phase, of course, but the team is working very efficiently and fast.

This could be one of the last opportunities to get on board before the launch and be fully prepared for when it happens.

Two days ago the roadmap came out, which looks very promising.

The Roadmap

I attach the link to the full article on medium:


To register, you simply need to link your wallet here:


Once you have connected your wallet, you will be directed to your personal page, which is called 'EXPLORER PASSPORT'.

In the current state of development it is possible for new users to accumulate points and by doing so unlock items that are directly delivered to our connected wallet.
These items will be a big boost for early users and that's why it's important to get on board now.

My Explorer Passport

As you can see, our personal page is divided into three sections:
the central part shows our registration date, the number of recruits we have hired (refs), our commendations (these can be obtained in various ways, e.g. by participating constructively in chats on the Discord channel), our rank and personal score and the faction we belong to (you have to choose which faction you want to belong to among the three available).

In the left-hand section you can see the various possibilities of earning points.
You can invite your friends (10 pts), participate in conversations on Discord (5 pts). Finally, you can earn 10 points every Thursday by voting on Discord and thus take part in the development of the project.
In fact, every week the team unveils part of the project's imagery and asks users to make a choice that will determine the game's setting once it is released.
At the moment, our vote will determine the game that will be released! I find this really nice!

In the right-hand section you can see the various objects that can be unlocked by earning points.

I would advise everyone to join this project. At the moment it is possible to join at no cost. Joining these projects pre-launch is always a thousand times better than joining afterwards. The team and the community on discord is really active. It's also nice to be able to take part in determining what the game will be with your votes.



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My digest:






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A lonely sailor in a sea full of Cryptos
A lonely sailor in a sea full of Cryptos

I am a 32 years old man from Italy that discovered the world of Crypto in 2016. Among so many mistakes and some satisfactions I have learned a lot. I'm here to give my little contribute and to learn from people more expert than me!

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