Upland: San Francisco on the Blockchain, here I come!

By Niqestates | A Journey in Upland | 19 Jun 2020

Follow me on my journey within the fascinating blockchain world of Upland. Look through the eyes of a newbie that tries to fail himself to the top.  


On a windy and cloudy day in June I stumbled upon a small advertisement. 




I can't really tell why but it made me curious. So I clicked the link and got to upland.me.  


"Okay, another game", I thought.  "Probably something like Ingress or Pokémon Go or so."  


Oh, never have I been more wrong.   


After short registration I found out, that it is a game that operates on the blockchain in the EOS-ecosystem. The player can buy real digital assets ("properties") that can be found in the real world. 


In order to do so you use the in-game currency UPX. This whole world is a spitting image of the real world. Currently the game is in an open beta, which means there is still plenty of development and changes going on. Most parts of the game will be released in the future. It is already playable, though.   


When I first registered I got an amount of UPX and bought my first property in San Francisco (more upcoming cities are announced to be released).


The feeling that kicked in was something between "Whoah, real estate on the blockchain, how cool is that?!" and "Mhkay, that's all...? What do I do now...?"   

It took me a while to understand what this game's intention is (or at least what I think that the game's intention is).    Simply spoken: The whole world in Upland is a giant market and economy. You buy properties, you sell properties.  Within this economy you can fulfill different tasks by completing particular collections of properties, for example buying a number of properties in a special area or street.   


So, what's the point here?   


From first sight it is an impressive demonstration for what the blockchain is capable of. There are tons of features that are announced and will come in the next time.   


For me this is an exciting opportunity to get to know the blockchain in action and to combine this with another interest of mine: Real Estate.     


All of that will be mashed up with partly philosophical, partly technical views of mine regarding the blockchain itself, the crypto universe and of course gamification.   


Stay tuned, stay curious!   

Our Upland journey has just begun!     

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I mainly write about blockchain technology and its use cases: Focus on non-fungible tokens (NFTs), gamification (upland.me) and the extraordinary fun part of the crypto universe.

A Journey in Upland
A Journey in Upland

This blog is dedicated to the blockchain-based game Upland (upland.me). Let‘s explore the dynamics behind it and the spirit of community within.

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