Share the three tips I use in my investment



In investing, the biggest enemy is actually ourselves.


It is still very difficult for us to face humanity and to operate against humanity. Therefore, the process of improving investment ability is actually a process of making ourselves better.





Today, I plan to share my three tips on investing in the digital currency market, and I hope to inspire you.






1. Don't fall in love with your investment target.


To make an investment, you must make yourself more rational. Don't fall in love with your investment target. When you are out, you will stick to it. This will hurt your own.


When we invest, we are all just trying to make money and improve our lives. Always keep this goal in mind, don't be too idealistic, especially in the area of ​​blockchain investment, too much, and the value of tokens is too much to contain people's future expectations.


The utility value of many projects is still very low, far from the actual landing.


We wait for him to rise to a certain height. When every

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A girl who likes to share ideas
A girl who likes to share ideas

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