After the price breakout of bitcoin, what should I do

In these two days, Bitcoin has risen to the ground and created a new high in the year. It is estimated that everyone is full of blood, anxiety and panic. As for how to operate in the market, I will give a little advice and hope that it will help everyone.


Do not sell head-on

This advice is for small partners who are already on the bus. Many people will consider whether or not to sell if they rise. After all, no one guarantees that the market will continue to rise. In case a roller coaster goes back, it is not certain. There are also old irons that consider short- and medium-term strategies. If they rise, they will sell a little. When the callback is re-buy, these strategies have no advantages or disadvantages.

But if you consider this part of the reduction, "do not sell head-on" may be right for you. The picture below is a part of my BTC history chart. The perfect wave of rise and fall in the middle of the game makes the market return to the original point. I marked points A and B on the way. Let us call the highest point of the wave (57300) C point.



If you plan to sell at point C, I advise you to go to the bathroom to wash your face and give up this fantasy best. The price of point A and point B is the same. There is no difference in the theory of selling at point A and point B. However, according to the principle of “do not sell head-to-head”, it is determined to sell at point B instead of point A.

why? Because point A is what you guess, and point B is observable. Point A is that you guessed that the market is about to peak in the short term. In fact, no one knows how far from point A to point C. If you are lucky, sell it at the mark A in the above picture. If you are not lucky, you will be halfway up the mountain. sold. And point B can be seen, it is already on the way down, selling at point B can guarantee that you will not miss the big main wave.

Again, this strategy is not a suggestion that you sell, but a big operational strategy if you feel that the risk is high in the short term, you have decided to sell a portion in the short term.


Don’t worry

This proposal is for a small partner who is "going out". It is estimated that the most difficult thing after the skyrocketing is the short-selling partner. It should not be pursued. What price chasing is the most concerned issue. If you have had some investment experience, you will probably remember a lot of times, when the market is up to the point where you suspect that life is rushing in everything - see the top!

Let's calm down and think about it. If this wave of market is really a big bull market (assumed to be), bitcoin back to 20,000 US dollars is a high probability event, then the chances of leaving you on the train should be more, no Anxious to get on the bus for two days. If this wave of market ends after this rising wave, then you should be lucky if you don't get on the bus now. This market will never miss an opportunity, so don't try to seize every opportunity. If you have this ability, you will already crush Buffett.

The peace of mind is the premise of making decisions. Whether you want to chase or not should be a kind of calm judgment. If you are in the car of anxiety and panic, it is estimated that you can’t take it anymore, and sleep at night is not practical. The operation may be a mess, and who can stare at the 24-hour uninterrupted market?

Therefore, if you intend to chase in or wait for a bargain-hunting, first ask yourself whether your mentality is peaceful, and whether the judgment made is calm and rational. If you can't do this, you would rather "walk the air", because it is still the same, the market has been there, the opportunity will always be! Don't impulsively bury the principal, wait until the next time, you see the obvious opportunity but find that there is no capital, that is the biggest tragedy!


Written at the end:

I am not a god, I can't accurately predict the market trend. It’s not how accurate it is before watching the show. It is said that based on the previous judgment, what should be done in the market outlook? If the judgments and trends in the previous period do not match, then it is necessary to adjust the strategy in time. Never compete with the market. The market is the eternal truth.

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A girl who likes to share ideas
A girl who likes to share ideas

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