Portfolio fit for a teenager.

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So where would you start when setting up a portfolio for your teenager with their own money!



When we started up our network of Helium miners we set up a wallet for our teenager, more of a hands on business studies lesson and to understand that passive income isn't quite so passive when you are on a rooftop setting up an antenna! He helped to set up the spreadsheet for a little lesson in excel and he would input some of the data so he could learn about profit and loss. The HNT he earned he could use and for a time he HODL'ed.


Now like us he has lost some of the enthusiasm with Helium but not crypto. He has said on birthdays and Christmas he would like Bitcoin, yes great, good choice, so he is gradually building his own pot with a slow DCA strategy as he is not actually looking at charts yet. He does watch you tube and Tiktok and has occasionally asked if he can invest in some of the things the influencer's on there push. At one time he actually thought that he might learn something from Andrew Tate's university scam until we told him everything was already on the internet....you just have to look for it. (Also that some of the options were not morally right).


Now the problematic bit for me is that he want's to sell his HNT and I don't have a crystal ball. The price is a bit low, it could go even lower but it is really hard to make a decision with someone else's money. So for now we have gone with 'OK if you want to you can' as he will keep earning more token's. I like the fact our son is interested in crypto, I love the fact that he see's Bitcoin as a really good asset, but it is really difficult to advise someone else on when to buy and sell.




So how would you go about a portfolio for your child or teenager, would you let them have free reign or not? Obviously we hope to have a few Bitcoin to pass on one day but it is also exciting for him to have his own to learn from now too.


As always, thank you for reading and please feel free to comment.


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