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I previously wrote a post about Common Wealth and the tasks involved in winning either $WLTH tokens or a $1000 investment fund. To my surprise I won a fund 'slice'. I expected to be in the tier 4 group and would receive some $WLTH tokens so I was quite pleased with that. Common Wealth have also launched a 'paid fund' for those who either did not win, or that want to buy an extra slice


What is Common Wealth


Common Wealth aims to be an early stage investment platform with the help of investors that have a wide range of experience called 'Oracles' who have vetted and invested in the projects that are within the Common Wealth fund (listed in previous article) commonwealth-free-vc-fund-xevzmnr

Common Wealth invested very early in 14 projects listed in my previous article, and although my free fund does not mean I hold any of the tokens, I do receive profits in USDC when each project has listed and some of the tokens for that project are sold.




Can I sell my slice?


There are selling fees if I wanted to sell my slice, as a whole or even just a part of it, but I can either earn or buy the $WLTH token and stake it to reduce the fees.


Upon investing into a fund, investors receive a ‘Slice’ of that fund as a non-fungible token ( NFT) representing
their stake in the fund and their ownership. This ‘Slice’ can be sold in whole or in part at any time on Common
Wealth and on secondary marketplaces.




Who governs Common Wealth?


As the project grows there will be a DAOS that is partly human and partly AI.




There will also be more chances for earning points through more tasks that will be available to participate in soon such as

  • Onboarding, how to stake for beginners.
  • Referrals, earn points with your referrals.
  • Verification, community helps with roles and earn points.
  • Moderation, points for moderating the community forum and chats.
  • Governance, rewards for proposals and votes.
  • Bug bounties, rewarded for finding bugs in the Common Wealth systems.
  • Reputation points, for activities on social network sites.

Learn, promote and engage with many more tasks to earn points.


What is my plan?


I have no plans to sell my slice at the moment, as it cost me nothing more than some time, I will let it ride for a while and see how it goes. I will probably buy and or earn some $WLTH tokens so that I will be able to stake and reduce my fees. 




I really like free crypto, so I am hoping this does well. I have not researched all the projects yet......That is a lot of work but it is my plan to do so when time allows.


As always thank you for reading and please feel free to comment.

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