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Good morning/evening.


I have recently, due to work, had to spend time with 'the other half' and by that I do not mean my husband! The saying is 'how the other half live' and I do not like it!



Some context here, I am not rich but I am comfortable and happy with my home and lifestyle. Yes I am in crypto for some extra income, although the tech is great too, I go and do work stints in the UK for a few reasons.

  • BTC because if I have earned some money I do not have to use our monthly income or savings to buy it.
  • See family while I am there (should that be number 1? lol)
  • Eastern European summers are hot and I do not love the heat so go away for summer! (At least until I have that mountain apartment).


I have been spending my time with some extremely wealthy people, generational money and they look down on people with 'new' money as though they are some sort of second rate citizens, this is not even an assumption this was actually said to me! The exact words were 'Nouveau riche people are just so crass'  (people who have recently acquired wealth, typically those perceived as ostentatious or lacking in good taste.)




I have also been asked 'how can someone LIKE ME actually have and own 2 homes' seriously you couldn't make this sh*t up! The real answer is bloody hard work, some struggles at times and a little bit of luck thrown in. I was asked a direct question about how I ended up living in Eastern Europe as they know I am from the UK, otherwise I would not have said anything and I try to disclose as little as possible to clients about my personal situation. 


I had to go to a very exclusive wedding and sign an NDA beforehand, I am also very aware that the family disapproves of the bride's choice of husband as he has no family money, whatever is wrong with marrying someone for love! Some of the things I heard being said were simply quite unbelievable including how the new husband could ever be happy living in a house that his wife owns and that he could never afford to buy.


Some of the people in this circle can be just downright rude and definitely look down on people that they think are just 'the staff'. 


So how do I think any of this is related to crypto? I hope that if I do make it big and one of my Altcoins moon (lol) that I will not change and become so wealthy that I treat others badly. I am sure there are many very wealthy people that are not rude and arrogant and hopefully quite humble so I have nothing against that at all, we all want to make some good profits and I am quite happy to be getting paid by these super wealthy people. 




Every year I do think to myself, this is the last time and maybe this time it will be, I only have a few weeks left thankfully! 


So if we all make it this bull run, stay humble and stay nice.


As always thank you for reading and please feel free to comment.

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A foray into crypto, A technophobes journey
A foray into crypto, A technophobes journey

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