Helium Journey Part 7 The meeting

So after an anxious wait the day of the meeting has arrived. What we do next depends on this, if it goes well we carry on if it does not then we sell the rest of the miners.

We have done our homework and know what we can pay this host if all goes well, we think we know the answers to any questions we may be asked.

The meeting lasts a good couple of hours but it looks like we have a deal that everyone is happy with. We will supply the miners and the antenna upgrades with the cable and he will provide hosts and do the installations. The price is agreed and everything is good. We leave the meeting happy and a lot more optimistic and relieved.

The next batch of miners arrive a week or so later, so we just drop them off. It feels very strange and for the next couple of days we are watching and waiting. We have gone through all the details for set up so just wait and be patient again. 

Then we get the email....they are set up and running so that is great news, we are expecting another batch of miners anytime now (the delays are still getting longer). Once they arrive we drop them off again and it is all working well. We are really happy with the locations everyone is happy.




We have been closely monitoring one of the miners as it looks to be not working and after trying all the usuall to get it going and a few discord messages, we go to pick the miner up to see what we can do.

We connected the miner at home and still nothing so we had to contact support, first you have to fill out a long form and wait 7 days for them to contact you, then they ask you a ton of silly questions like is it plugged in! But after you go through all that you get an engineer answer you, they ask for you to send a video of it doing nothing so we did that and wait. Eventually they get back to us and say it’s a faulty unit (don’t forget we waited over 20 weeks for this). We package it up and go to both of the couriers in town and they both said no so we go home and Bobcat arrange a collection. This has taken 4 weeks! We are still waiting for the next deliver of 4 miners which is also behind schedule as are the antennas we have ordered.


After another brief blockchain halt, the next 4 miners arrive and we drop them off it’s like a well oiled machine now, we know where they are going, he does his magic and hey presto it’s done. He has made it much less stressful for us. We are now just waiting for the last 4 miners, when we ordered these it was still 16-20 weeks and the delay went up 4 weeks, then it went up another 2 weeks after that but finally after a 32 week wait they finally arrived, we had received 2 of the four antenna so off we go again  with 2 miners, again they go in without any problems. The following week the other antennas arrive so they then again get dropped off.




It has now been over 1 year since we first started researching this and the last 4 have just gone in, there were only 30’000 miners online then and now there are over 814’000. We see new clusters pop up all over the place, some even help us in our rural locations, some may not if they are placed too close, but we have no control over that so we watch and hope they do their research too.

All we have to do now is watch, wait and be patient and hope this project works out. We have the crypto bug now too so guess what…….you got it………….more research on new projects!


So this was our Helium story, it started off as a diary really and sometimes rather basic as it was something for friends and family to read (they still don't really understand what we are doing). I had these notes in an envelope for almost the entire time growing week by week and one night while we were chatting to friends about this project, i mentioned i had written notes and she asked if she could read them so i said yes. I gave her a red pen and asked for critisism (she is far too nice and gave me the red pen back!) 

This is the first time i have written a blog, so if you stuck with me thank you very much and please feel free to leave me any advice or blogging tips in the comments (good or bad).

To be continued................






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crypto newbie mom
crypto newbie mom

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A foray into crypto, A technophobes journey
A foray into crypto, A technophobes journey

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