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Had a spending spree, portfolio update

Good morning.


I know it is almost February so I am a bit late but better late than never for a new year update on the portfolio.


So what have we been up too while the markets were slow and we were waking up every morning to charts of red, I know we are currently having a bit of a pump but when I actually meant to write this we had  forgotten what the colour green was and it was just a case of how much has everything gone down today.


I was quite shocked when I woke up and checked the charts and everything was green, I was also sort of disappointed, I know I should of been happy but we have been using this time to buy. There is an element of frustration too as we are waiting for a transfer from the UK bank which has so far been over 8 weeks and these funds are earmarked for buying. 




Buying what I hear you ask, well 90% of those funds will be BTC the other 10% ETH. I currently have no ETH. I am not a lover of it but David would like some and he would prefer those ratio's to be 80% to 20% so we will have to wait and see on that one! (I do have the small amount of ETH I earn from PublishOx but that is covered in free money posts)


So what is new in the portfolio? Not a lot really because we have mainly been buying BTC, an extra 21% of it,  around 3% more DOT and some LTC I had sort of forgotten about!


We are both quite happy with the portfolio at the moment, there are a couple of things other than the BTC and ETH we would like to get, we are looking at possibly some ICP and some sort of longshot alt coin just for fun. Still researching different options so we will have to wait and see on that one.


What do you think? Is there anything you would add? any ideas on the longshot?


As always, thank you for reading and please feel free to comment.



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crypto newbie mom
crypto newbie mom Verified Member

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A foray into crypto, A technophobes journey
A foray into crypto, A technophobes journey

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