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If you may have read some of my previous posts you may be aware I was not a great fan of NFT's and the only one I did have was a cute gecko from coin gecko. Well now I have a collection of almost 100! Not bad going for just over 3 months of being on Drip Haus.



Drip Haus. *Airdrops — NFTs/Art* | by Prezzel | Medium



Drip is an NFT drop platform on Solana. It rewards you with free high-quality art, music, comics, games, and more.

Rare music every week from Vault Music! Vault Music is the home for limited-edition music drops from tomorrow's chart-toppers

Build your rare music collection with live and unreleased music from artists on the rise. Vault drops are on-chain, fully decentralized, and instantly playable on the Vault Music app. 

Every week, Vault Music drops a new song from an up-and-coming artist.



Drip aims to onboard new users to the NFT and crypto ecosystem and help connect artists to the users more. 



You can subscribe to artists you like and when you sign up to a creator, they will send you a free regular collectible. You can then choose to keep this or trade it.

You receive daily droplets (every 6 hours) and you can then use these droplets to reward the creators. You can buy drips if you need more. To lock in your collectible you now spend 10 droplets as a thank you to the creator, you can also thank as often as you like or just raise the amount of drops you donate.




There are leaderboards and perks for each artist based on the number of 'drips' you donate. See example below.

✢ all subscribers can secure base ❣ appreciate when you do ❣

☽ rare

✢ top 202 thankers receive rare.
✢ 999 rares randomly distributed to thankers with 30+ droplets.

ꕥ legendary

✢ top 22 thankers will receive legendary.
✢ all ultimate auction bidders receive one as well.
✢ 99 randomly distributed to thankers with 50+ droplets.




You have a chance everyday to win either a legendary or a rare collectible, just by clicking on a box!




I have included a few of my favorite artists and the collectables I received from them below and a little bit about the creators. You can choose to follow creators that cater for your own style. You can click on the artist and see their websites and X profiles to comment when they have sent you a collectable too.



Hunt Other drop thumbnailsAMBI  

In the heart of the crypto winter forest, where digital snow blankets the ground and frosty NFTs shimmer on the branches, an owl swiftly navigates through the blockchain silence. Its keen crypto eyes scan the blockchain landscape, searching for the telltale transactions below. With a sudden dive, it swoops down, NFT talons extended, as a small mouse token scurries beneath the frost-kissed smart contracts, unaware of the predator's relentless pursuit. Amidst the tranquil beauty of the crypto night, the delicate balance of decentralized nature unfolds in a timeless dance of survival. Ambidextrous continuous line art on paper, hand drawn without making a sketch.














Anime illustrations created by Airforcetuan, aka Tuan HollaBack.

Airforcetuan is an anime artist living in Tokyo. He has drawn for major Hip-Hop recording artists and adult entertainers in Japan and USA. He loves drawing female characters with a vintage anime aesthetic, and sometimes with an erotic twist.

All the female characters depicted are over 18 years old!





Farfalla Glow



Some butterfly wings are so gossamer they’re see through, showing slightly tinted reality or distant worlds.

 Pencil drawing & frame by frame ps animation.






You need a phantom wallet

You can either use an invite code or have 0.1 SOL in your wallet. I have a code 9eWdSzNs if you are interested.


I am enjoying being on Drip and receiving some great collectables, so I guess you could say I now like NFT's


As always thank you for reading and please feel free to comment.








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