3 weeks off in crypto feels like 3 months

Good afternoon.


Well I can now tell you that  a 3 week holiday in the crypto sphere feels like 3 months! So much has happened and I don't like playing catch up.


What have we missed?


The SEC have been busy (I have been good here and refrained from writing the expletives that are in my head when I hear, think about or see SEC!)

Another exchange has filed for bankruptcy, Bitrex.

The meme coin PEPE has had its high point and is on its way back down.

Helium's new IOT token has also had a high and is now low (more on that at a later date).

BTC almost hit 30K (personally I don't mind BTC lower as I still want to acquire more).

Coinbase is going to try fighting back against the SEC.

Another bank collapse, First Republic's turn now.

Binance is leaving the Canadian market.


This list could go on and on but I have a 'To do list' of crypto things I want to look at and I think I need to relent and get myself on Discord as Helium mainly only uses Discord for information so they can kick you out if you say something they don't like.


I think I will need to look at getting a Bulgarian bank account and more documentation that can actually be used for KYC as a backup just in case.


David has got a Coinbase card now, again it is a back up for onramping just in case but I have not even had a chance to look at anything related to this.


It felt really strange and sometimes frustrating not being able to keep up to date with everything crypto, We had a great holiday and did so much, every day had something planned (more to follow) which actually left no time for crypto even if we wanted to do something. I even had very little time for my daily log in's for my free stuff and actually reverted back to day 1 on a few which isn't the end of the world and I had to remind myself they are not important to me, I don't need them and they are 'just for fun, free stuff! 


As always, thank you for reading and feel free to comment, also let me know if there is anything I need to put on my to do list!


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A foray into crypto, A technophobes journey

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