By Wizkid | A day in the life | 5 May 2020

 As I sat at my bedroom window,feeling the cool breeze blow in, I looked up at the beautiful sky. There's a storm moving in from the horizon. The thunder and lightning is like music to my ears when it comes.

 As a child, I was terrified of it,but with age comes wisdom. I will never witness anything more pure than nature at work. 

 As the storm moves closer,I feel a peace come over me. All my cares slip away with each and every clap of thunder. I close my eyes for a moment and I'm taken back to when I was a child starring out of our Living room bay window watching the rain stream down the glass in front of me. Of all my childhood memories,this one has always been my favorite to reminisce about. As the tree tops sway in the wind and lightning flashes to show the world we love, I'm reminded that Its still a beautiful world.

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Im a home body. I play guitar,piano,bass and violin. I also paint and draw. I have 3 children, and I also mine crypto and have found some amazing ways to automatically grow crypto.

A day in the life
A day in the life

A day in the life of yours truly

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