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By Wizkid | A day in the life | 5 May 2020

 For the past week or so, I've had a constant headache. Some days it would be horrible,and some days manageable,but still always there. A few days ago I was having a rough time breathing and I was having weird pains in my arms,back and shoulders.

 The kids slept in a little late today since they were up late last night,so I decided this morning to take a nap before they got up. I laid down and fell asleep for like an hour or so and when I woke up I was sick as a dog. My whole body hurt, I felt like I was going to vomit and i had bit of a temp. I called my gf at work and asked if she could take the rest of the day off and come home because of how sick I was,I couldn't watch the kids. 

 She called the Dr on her way home and set up a Coronavirus screening phone call for when she got home so they could call me. They called me about 4 hours ago and asked my symptoms and told me where to go and when to be there so I could get tested. So I went and got tested.

 The test wasn't bad at all. The worst part of it is the tickle and trying to keep from sneezing....but there was no pain at all.

 They gave me some papers on how to self isolate myself from my family. So as of 4:36 this evening,I am quarantined to my room and will only be able to talk to my children via video chat for the next 3-5 days til my results come in 

 Wish me luck everyone,and I will be making alot more posts during that time so be sure to follow me :)

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Im a home body. I play guitar,piano,bass and violin. I also paint and draw. I have 3 children, and I also mine crypto and have found some amazing ways to automatically grow crypto.

A day in the life
A day in the life

A day in the life of yours truly

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