A house is visible through brush and a mowed trail

Rambling through an entry about a dream

By DaBea | A Daily Dose of Confusion | 6 Aug 2021

Dragging around the American Dream. Pulling around this carcass of war - rotting flesh, the want for more. Can't close your eyes to block the stench. Can't keep a smile while holding the wrench that fixes the cogs that spin the wheels, run red black and blue through another's field.

This soil stinks of broken blood, lines drawn in the sand, forest and, food.

Was born with blood on my hands, meat in my teeth, and a hunger that will never cease.

Dear Dream - your words have always been so sweet. Your cries - I dash and run to meet. I want to smother all your pain. I want to control the world again. You promised peace, you promised me. You told me it was mine to keep - away from all the other ones - I earned it, it's mine! So I always run when your alarm cry makes the call To Fight, To Fight - winner takes all.



The American dream hangs from my neck - an albatross. Reminder of all that's been killed just to have this weight bearing down, biting into my vertebra. I'm crooked, bend over, pulled by the heaviness of it. I trudge, and this dream drags along the ground - an upside-down house - rooftop cutting a trench deep into the earth. We fill that trench with bodies and black snakes. I am followed by a line of others - just as ready as I was.


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I am confused.

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A Daily Dose of Confusion

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