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By A Crypto Tale | Living Everyday | 26 Apr 2022

The past few days have been a haze. Maybe because it is only the beginning of summer here in Dubai and the weather is close to a 100F as I write this post. It is later in the afternoon which means that the hottest part of the day is now behind us. Though the luxury of air conditioners is a luxury to many, it is a necessity here the generation of today.

Not that any one asked about the weather, but I said it anyways.

So, here is the story of my crypto investment this week. THORChain did to me what Terra Luna had done to me previously. 

Rune has been one of the cryptos that I use for my day trade and I make over 50cents per dollar for the past couple of trades consistently. Since I am still experimenting with day trading, the amount I use for the day trading is a barely there. But it gets me excited to see a Sell order being fulfilled. . 

But over a couple days ago, the very second the fulfilled the buy order, the only direction the value of the crypto coin went was down. It is not close to my pending sell order, but I do have faith in Rune. And will have this as one of the cryptos that I will continue to trade this year. 

Apart from Rune, I have been experimenting with the HIVE platform. After many days, I now understand Resource Credits, and how I can get some HP for free. You can too – I see how my HP influences how quickly my Resource Credits get replenished. I have published my first post and have been enjoying the Photography community on the platform. I am yet to get a pay out and will continue to learning along the way.

Thank you for reading.

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