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My H-E Tokens priority for the next few months

By A Crypto Tale | Living Everyday | 29 Jan 2023

There are way too many H-E tokens on the blockchain, and I have a few on my radar for the year, but my focus and priority are only a few. Those on my focus for the next couple of months are tokens that are tipping tokens as well as passive income tokens.



To use the ALIVE token as a tipping token, you should have over 1000 ALIVE tokens staked. But since I am not even close, I have delegated my tokens to @heartbeatonhive and @aliveandthriving
By delegating to @heartbeatonhive, I receive rewards in the form of other tokens. And by delegating to @aliveandthriving, I receive the ALIVEM token from @youarealive.
If I understand this right, you earn AWESOME token for staking the ALIVEM tokens.
The goal eventually is to delegate Hive Power and Resource Credits to @youarealive and also gradually start staking ALIVE tokens too.


Since I use LISTNERDS very regularly and on a daily basis, the Hive Engine is not the only platform where I have stake CTP. I have a goal of staking 750 CTP tokens on LISTNERDS, that should give me more voting power on LISTNERDS over the next couple of months.
I currently have CTP tokens on Hive engine staked and some CTP tokens delegated to @ctp-curator. The goal is to have 1000 CTP staked on Hive Engine.


I like BBH. And just like the Alive token, you need to have 1000 BBH tokens to be able to use it as a tipping token. But of late, I have noticed that I receive some swap.hive tokens just for Holding some BBH. And I am not complaining. Thank you @bradleyarrow and bbhbot.


The INDEX token is not a tipping token, but I want to grow and accumulate INDEX as it drips other tokens. Not all the dripped tokens are on the to grow list for the year, but I could easily sell / swap them for the tokens on my list. The goal is to be able to hold 50 INDEX tokens for now.


I am not too sure about this token. Is it a passive income token or must you be the Top 100 holder of the token to be able to generate a passive income from this token, I’m confused.

Once I achieve or am close to achieving my above goals, then I will focus on the DHEDGE token. And I would like to hold about 500 of DHEDGE token.


At the end of last year, I wanted to stake 10 WORKERBEE, but I am still at 1. Maybe I can go beyond 1 this year, and rake up some WORKERBEES. The goal is to stake / delegate 50 WORKERBEE before I turn one on HIVE.

These are not the ONLY tokens I would like to grow, but these are my priority for now.


This post first appeared on my hive blog. 

Thank you for reading. 



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